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My Cube DVD-ROM was dead today, I didn't purchase Applecare for the extended warrant, so the options left for me are either to go to the local applestore with my pocket full of money, or I might replace the DVD-ROM all by myself. I would like to go the later option.

I would like to ask if there anyone had ever replace the Cube DVD-ROM? and which 3rd party DVR-ROM is compatible with Cube, if possible, is there any compatible DVD/CD-RW combo drive for Cube/MacOS X 10.1.3?


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    The cube features a slot loading drives, so youre limited to those.

    I guess the best thing to do is to open it up, look at the specs of the drive, (model and vendor) and then go to a pc shop and ask if they can order the drive for you.

    Alternatively, contact refurbishing firms/ local pc assembly firms and/or repair shops to see if they can get that drive for you.

    I dont know which drive the cube sports : a desktop-esque size or portable size drive. If its standard desktop size Your chance of finding a compatible part might increase considerably.

    If your thinking about adding an alternative drive, the big problem is the size. Technologywise every DVD-ROM player works with the ATA controllers found on today macs.
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    Thanks for your informations iks_iv, I think that trying to replace the internal cube DVD-ROM by myself won't work since I did some search for the slim, slot-loading DVD-ROM earlier today and found it was nothing like that in the market.

    And suddenly I realize why Apple stopped developing cube, too expensive for these particular parts.
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    I compiled this list some time ago. Search with Google for the specific model number. I'm sure you'll find a vendor.

    Vendor\tModel\tUsually found in:

    Hitachi\tGD-3000\tPowerMac G4

    Hitachi\tGD-7000\tPowerMac G4

    LG (GoldStar)\tDRN-8080B\tPowerBook G3

    Matsushita\tLF-D110\tPowerMac G4

    Matsushita\tLF-D211A\tPowerMac G4

    Matsushita\tSR-8174\tPowerBook G3

    Matsushita\tSR-8176\tiBook 2001 (DVD-ROM)

    Matsushita\tSR-8184\tiMac DV

    Matsushita\tSR-8186\tG4 Cube

    Matsushita\tSR-8187\tPowerBook G4 Titanium

    Matsushita\tSR-8583\tPowerMac G3/G4

    Matsushita\tSR-8584A\tPowerMac G3/G4

    Matsushita\tSR-8585\tPowerMac G4

    Matsushita\tSR-8585F\tPowerMac G4

    Pioneer\tDVR-103\tPowerMac G4/733PowerMac G4 (Quicksilver)

    Panasonic\tCW-7121-BCW-7121\tiMac 2000 CDRW

    Toshiba\tSD-R2002\tiBook 2001 (Combo)

    EDIT: Here's one: <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

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