Which laptop?

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I need to replace my laptop. I've virtually decided on the 12" PowerBook, but can any of you suggest why the 15" or G4 iBooks might make a better choice?


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    What do you need it for?
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    jante99jante99 Posts: 539member
    15 inches of wide screen goodness.
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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    more than a mouthful is wasted. Get the 12".
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    I honestly think if I had it to do all over again, I'd get the 12" PowerBook and save about $800. I dearly love my 15", but sometimes I think I overreached and aimed a tad high.

    Of course, I've yet to fully put it to work and have it shine, so...

    I'm sure the next freelance gig I get where I'm truly having to bounce back and forth between apps, meet the client somewhere, archive the project on DVD, etc. I'll be SO glad I splurged for the screen, the SuperDrive, the extra MHz, etc.

    But if I didn't do what I do, I'd get the 12" in a heartbeat. Let's put it that way.
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    crusadercrusader Posts: 1,129member
    12-inch. Small, sleek, and sexy.
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    Well, I've just got it!!! I've been pondering the 12" Powerbook ever since it was first released - I've held off for longer than I ever have done with this Apple purchase (so g5 Powerbooks next week perhaps!) I've started using it and am not disappointed. It's a wonderfully sleek and attractive machine. The keyboard is better than that with my iMac. It is also the first time ever that I'll have a more powerful portable than desktop system.

    My only disappointment with it is that OS 10.3 is not preinstalled, I'm having to upgrade it now. And many thanks to all those who labouriously explained how I could transfer my Music and Picture Librarys from my iMac. Here's hoping it will prove more robust than my old iBook!

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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    Awesome. Good for you! Enjoy it. Did you get the Combo Drive or SuperDrive model? Any extras or goodies? Give us the full report!

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    I went for the Combo drive as my iMac has a superdrive, and I never use it anyway. I also get an Airport Extreme card, but no extra memory or anything. It really is a great machine and I had some PC friends drooling over it this morning!!! I was told that in terms of what it can withstand being carried around its tougher than the iBook. Is that true or sales pitch? It would seem to make sense being metal - but I dunno.

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