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hey folks, anyone here been seeing th ecurrent tussle between freeware icon designer hein meissiven (apologies if i trashed the spelling of his name -- i just know him as MixThePix or The Mixer) and software "developer" ADNX out of France? i first caught wind of it on ResExcellence, where Scott et al. pointed out that Hein had pulled his freeware icons in response to ADNX using his icons in their commercial apps without even telling him. he asked people who liked or had downloaded his work in the past to express themselves to ADNX.

ADNX, in response, posted THIS as their eloquent response.

please note that they HAVE changed the response since earlier in the week. several days ago, they posted that (and i am paraphrasing here):

1.) the american law of copyright is not the same as the french one, and that they would obey the french version first and foremost.

2.) their current response said there was no read me about copyright, yet they DID know who made the icons.

3.) I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP, if he doesn't want his icons used in applications, he should not have made them available for download. seriously.

needless to say, resexcellence was a bit put off by all this, and now mixthepix has shut down. honestly, what else could he do? sure, he could keep the icons available, but ADNX would probably keep using them and he'd be adding to these idiots' bottom line.

anyway, they have agreed to change the icons "when they get around to it" for their next version, but now i am wondering what else they have taken without permission. in their "kids browser", they have the following image on its web page AND in its splash page, but no artist is cited, so far as i can tell. the thing that bugs me is that it looks REALLY familiar...

link to image, due to pixel dimensions

anyone know how to identify an image? is there a service or software app? i've seen jokers like this before, and they're just the type to say "well, we changed the icons! no one said anything about changing the PICTURES too."


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