Suggestions for good hand-held device for teacher/track coach Mac user?

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The title pretty much says it all. My wife teaches high school and is also the head track coach. Says she needs a hand-held of some sort, And I am just now going to start researching options. But wanted to run the questions by my friends here at AI first as you are always very helpful!

She would use the unit basically as one central repository of personal information, but would also like to use it if possible to maintain lists of students and athletes to facilitate (track meet) entries which are entered on a computer and can be very time consuming for each meet.

We currently both have Sprint call phones which we are actually very happy with. One option would be to get a new cell phone/PDA-type of device all in one. The other would be to get a totally separate unit elsewhere.

She does have a 256MB key-chain USB drive that she uses regularly. Are there any hand-helds that accept those? The key-chain drive would make it easy to trasnfer stuff back and forth to computer. Are there handheld units that work better (or at all) with a Mac?

We would not need or want wireless web or e-mail on the unit.

Any brands to try to stick with or maybe to avoid?

All suggestions are appreciated.



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