Installing os_9.2.2 ontop of OS-X

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I am installing OS-X.2(jaguar) right now on and iMac-dv/350, how do I intall classic afterwards, what is the best way. After 10.2 I will install 10.3(panther) as a clean install, tried to install panther first, but all it did was hang, which is why I am doing it this way, don't ask me why is hung, but it did, but didn't hang with 10.2

Your answers/advice will be greatly appreciated


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    First of all, how much memory is in your iMac? If it isn't enough to run OS X that could be a reason for the installer hanging. Second, the easiest way is going to be re installing a full version of 9.2 (if you still have an OS 9 install disk). Make sure that when you do your clean install of Jag (or Panther) you have it install the OS 9 drivers on your HD as well, or else you won't be able to run OS 9.

    After your install it should boot back into OS 9, just go into the Apple menu/control panels/startup disk. Than select OS X as your boot OS and reboot, than your all set. But only install 9 if you still use a lot of programs through classic. I've pretty much made the transition completely to OS X. I use classic maybe once a month. So my next clean install will not include OS 9. Consider how much you'll be using it before you go through the trouble of installing it.
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    Is it possible to install MacOS 9 after installing Panther ? I've tried it multiple times without success... Also, I seem to remember that upgrading from 9.0 to 9.2.2 includes no paying upgrades, is that correct too ?

    I have an iMac DVSE 500 with 512 MB RAM with a 160 GB external HDD on which I use Panther. Now I would like to use my internal as 9.2.2, would a clean install from my original CD's be OK to use as a boot disk for Classic ? I tried once and got an error because my OS 9 is Dutch and Panther is International English. When I ordered it, the box included the upgrade for OS 9 => OS 9.2.2 but only for an English system...

    thx in advance
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