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Hi guys, I have been pondering the lack of BTO options on the new PowerMacs (well the ability to downgrade the faster processor versions to remove the superdrive etc). I know that many people take advantage of this to obtain a more powerful spec. computer for not that much extra cash. But I am concerned that they have adopted this process for the future, thus constraining the consumer into making a purchase that they are not totally satisfied with from a 'value for money' point of view (and I know 'Apple' and 'value for money' don't always co-exist).

Is this the way Apple will go for the future (only allowing Superdrives on the high end for example) or do you think there is a more sinister rationale behind this decision?

Forgive my ignorance, but I am intrigued as to whether anyone else is slightly frustrated by this apparent rebuttal to the BTO fans?


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    Apple did this before after MWSF 2001. The 466, 533 and Dual 533 MHz machines had their own options. The 667 had its own options. The 733 had its own options. eventually, they eased up.

    It was basically a supply problem, AFAIK.

    With Apple selling iMacs configured with SuperDrives like hotcakes, it leaves very few to be used outside of the Dual 1000 MHz and 933 MHz models. With iMacs with Combo drives also wure to be very popular, the same supply constraints should be expected.

    You'll probably see better BTO options by April.
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