how to uninstall a program?

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if i installed a program in my powerbook (run osx10.28)

how to i uninstall it? del it from the application folder?

do i need to del anything?




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    bungebunge Posts: 7,329member
    Putting it in the trash is all you need to do for most programs. There will still be a few files on the machine, usually preferences, but they shouldn't be a problem.

    That said, you never know. If the program came with an uninstaller, use it.
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    If you just dragged the program over to install it, then almost certainly there is nothing more to un-install (other than preference files which are harmless). If the program needed to run an installer, then it could go either way, it would probably have an un-installer if it needed it, but that depends on the software maker.

    If you can be more specific, than so can we. But 90% of the time dragging the app to the trash does the job.
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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    Brad had a movie he made showing how to uninstall programs. I wonder if he's still got it.
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    That's the link, but it doesn't work anymore
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    At least 90% of the time, software for Mac OS X is uninstalled by a simple drag-and-drop operation to the Trash.

    Here's a movie I've re-made that glorifies the whole process. Watch and be amazed!

    Uninstalling Internet Explorer (840 KB)

    Apps may leave their preferences and support files in one of the Library folders; however, this will not impact your system's performance with the exception of taking up a small bit of hard drive space. These files are inert and will not affect other programs or the system software itself. In the top-level Library are support files that would affect all users. In your home Library folder are the support files that affect only your user.

    In the Library's Preferences folder is where most apps will stick their single preference file. The names of these files may be intimidating at first, but they're all logically done. An example:

    The first part is like an internet address's ".com"; this one is from a business. Other common ones are org and country codes like uk or de. The second part is the software maker's name. The third is the software title. The fourth is the filename extension, showing that this is a "property list" file.

    I usually leave any Library files where they are in case I ever decide to reinstall that program. Keeping them does no harm to the system and gives me the added benefit that the program will remember its settings if I reinstall later.

    So, in summary: No registry mess, no "dll hell", no hidden files strewn across your drive. Just drag to the trash and be done with it.
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    You REALLY like videos don't you?

    (I'd make one, but there isn't anything free for Windows)
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    homhom Posts: 1,098member
    To uninstall programs that use the package installer, I use DesInstaller. It will use the receipt and remove the files. Hell it can even recreate the installer package from the files.
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    Originally posted by psgamer0921

    You REALLY like videos don't you?

    Actually, I just REALLY like deleting Internet Explorer. It's such a horrid program, really.

    (FYI, the previous video people linked to was of my deleting Internet Explorer from Mac OS X 10.1)
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