Slightly OT :Any good sites on Mac case modding/ATX case conversion?

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I was wondering if anybody knows good websites about case modding related to Macintosh products.

I know, Apple allready has splashing cases, so many may ask about the use of casemodding macs.

there are several good reasons for modding cases :

1) because I'm bored

2) because my fellow mac mates will draw an eye when they see it

3) because I like to toy around with computer parts

4) because its 'cool'

I'm thinking about starting my own casemod project. It involves ripping out the guts of an old timer mac and putting it in an ATX case, and painting/modding the case itself, mainly because its a desktop model and I want to use it as a server machine and i can have the luxury of the extra drive bays... I think external scsi just looks messy and clunky.

xlr8yourmac have a bbs on this subject but unfortionately registrations are closed so I cant post my questions there.

Any other peeps inhere into this? Can someone give me some pointers about nice websites covering this topic (except xlr8yourmac that is)


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