internet sharing prejudices in Panther...

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I have my Quicksilver running Panther set up to share it's internet access on its second ethernet card. My iBook G4 works flawlessly when connected via an ethernet cable. My Linksys wireless router (802.11b) is set up identically to my iBook, to look for a DHCP server, but the Quicksilver will not give it an IP address. Any thoughts?


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    interesting, i am having the same problem. an help would be great
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    wait, I'm not sure that I understand you... you have 2 ethernet cards installed in addition to 2 airport cards (one on each computer) with 2 separate ethernet connections going into the G4 and you want to bridge that 2nd ethernet to the iBook??

    why don't you just share the primary connection and forget about the second one?

    also you say you have a linksys router... is that on at the same time?

    you should explain your network setup a bit more to give a better idea of what is going wrong...
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    guarthoguartho Posts: 1,208member

    Originally posted by Paul

    you should explain your network setup a bit more to give a better idea of what is going wrong...

    Ok here goes. This whole setup is in a dorm room connected to a University network. Everything would be behind the allmighty router except that the IT guys here do not allow routers to be "on" the network because people (probably one guy) hooked them up wrong and they were causing problems by handing out their IP addresses to other computers on the network instead of the University IP addresses. The same IT guys also require all computers to be registered by MAC address etc. My G4 is registered but it is also firewalled. I trust the IT dept about as far as I can throw them.. and some of them are big guys. They are pretty much Microsoft clones and are useless for help otherwise. They don't like OS X because they can't walk in and out of it at their leisure... hence the distrust.

    So there are the reasons, here's the setup:

    One Quicksilver G4 with 2 ethernet cards and no Airport

    One iBook with Airport (Fiance's)

    One iBook G4 without Airport

    University ethernet jack --> G4 built-in ethernet

    - G4 shares internet via a second PCI ethernet card

    second ethernet via crossover cable --> WAN port of Linksys router

    - Router distributes internet to iBook via Airport and

    iBook G4 via ethernet cable.

    This is how it worked before Christmas break and under X.2 Now under Panther the router can't seem to get an IP address from the G4 to save its life. When I disconnect the router and connect the iBook G4 directly to the Quicksilver G4 via a normal ethernet cable the iBook G4 gets an IP address and access to the internet just fine. I'm using it now in fact.

    aside notes:

    -The router shows no connection when connected to the G4

    via a standard ethernet cable. It shows a connection

    when connected via crossover cable, but still does not

    get an IP address

    -The router and the iBook G4 are both configured to get

    their IP addresses the same way, to look for a DHCP


    I hope that's helped more than confused... thanks for taking an interest.
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