Any under-$600 1gb sdram chips yet?

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I am often getting frustrated with just 1GB ram in my 15" 1.25 G4. Are there any sources for more inexpensive PC2700 ram yet in 1GB size? I'd really like to upgrade to 2GB, but I'm not about to spend $1200 to do it.


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    baumanbauman Posts: 1,248member

    Prices start at $446.
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    here are a few more webistes for ram:
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    I've heard shady things about RAM and the new aluminums(all models) that lots of the RAM on the market for them won't work at full potential, and might not work at all. But I dunno, either way, I'm bearing with 512 for now, it's more RAM than I've ever had before, but I do eventually plan on getting a 1 GB dimm in here, once prices come down.
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