problems with safari

in Mac Software edited January 2014
as the subject suggests, i have been having problems with safari-some times it won't load a page, and when i enter the exact same page in netscape, or exploder, or mozilla, it loads immediately, which is weird, and since i installed 10.3, it has been quitting unexpectedly, so i wanna know what's up with that


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    Well... Ive been having that flaw since the first 'public' beta...
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    who knows, but after all, no computer is 100% perfect. mac's are pretty close though...
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    another thing that i've found is that when i download some disk images, mainly ones from apple, the all end with the extension .dms, and i have to change it to .dmg, anyone know why this is?
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    Hey Matt what's uppp!!!!! I used to get that one all the time! I used to in Jaguar but I think only after craptacular 10.2.8. Images from big names like Apple would sometimes end in .dms and I'd have to change them. Safari would stall out and give me a blank page in Jaguar too. Now that I have Panther that doesn't happen anymore.
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