Music Folder is 98.5TB??!!

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Something very odd is going on in 1337's Music folder. Files are showing up with crazy huge file sizes. An example: One MP3, about 9MB, shows up as 3GB in iTunes. But judging from the 'Get Info' on my Music folder, the problem lies with the FS itself, not iTunes as I had previously thought.

This is crazy annoying, as I can't burn sweet mp3 CDROMs of alll my sweet progressive house and such; a couple of files, and iTunes reports that the short playlist is like 4.5GB.



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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Disk Utility's First Aid. I suspect you're going to have to single-user boot (reboot, hold down Cmd-S before the chime, hold until it pops you into the black Unixy goodness boot screen), then follow the fsck directions.
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    Hmmm, major extent tree errors. Disk Utility/ fsck can't fix them. M'thinks I'll need to buy Diskwarrior...


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