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Hi All - just installed panther - and let me just say WOW.

Anyhow, i created a second user and enabled fast user switching, but . . .

how do i delete a user??

how do i get the square transitions when switching??

and how do you switch back to the administrator without the password question??

my mind is pooped tonight and i can't seem to work it out so help would be great.



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    In the Accounts section of System Preferences, look beneath the column on the left. The plus button under it adds users; the minus removes them.

    The block transition is only available for computers that have graphics cards capable of Quartz Extreme. If you're not seeing it, it's because you don't have Quartz Extreme.

    You cannot switch users without entering their password. This is a security feature. If you set the admin password to blank (NOT RECOMMENDED), though, it might not ask you for a password.
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    To confirm, it will ask for a password if there is an account password, only by leaving it blank (not recommended) does it allow password-less user switching.

    Does this belong in the Genius Bar?
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    MacOS X... Genius Bar... MacOS X... Genius Bar...

    MacOS X system question... only a question, not a discussion, flamewar or pontification...

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