KANE's Perpetual Pismo Problem Thread

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I was wondering if someone could help me with a problem I have. I just bought a second hand Pismo a couple of weeks ago. Here's my problem: Whenever I insert a CD into the drive it spins up and appears to be accessing the disc. But, then nothing happens. No CD on the desktop nor in the finder sidebar. What could be wrong?

Yes, I have the option of "show CD & DVD in Finder" enabled

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    kanekane Posts: 392member
    At first the problem seemed to only occur with burned CD's. I would insert the burned media and it would spin up as if it was reading it, but then nothing happened, and the only way to open the drive was vith a toothpick and the "force open" hole.

    Now, it won't access original media either, but the drive opens just fine by pressing the button (again, when using original media).
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    kanekane Posts: 392member
    Please, have pity on a poor switcher. Help me...
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    kanekane Posts: 392member
    Correction, now the computer has no problem ejection neither original nor burned CD media via the eject button on the drive. I guess that's got something to do with the system not really acknowledging the CD's. Any thoughts?
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    kanekane Posts: 392member
    Also worthy of note, in the beginning the drive had no problem reading original media as I said earlier, and I actually ripped a few CD's inte my iTunes Music Library...
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    kanekane Posts: 392member
    Okay, I just read the FAQ and the very first advice was concerning the problem that I faced. Doing what the FAQ prescribed and rebooting my Mac fixed the problem for original CD's and I can now read them again without a problem. But the issue still remain for burned CD's. Is this a common problem for Pismo DVD-readers (not acknowledging burned media) or could mine be defect?
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    kanekane Posts: 392member
    Also, could someone talk me through how to reset the battery on my Pismo? It never displays the correct amount of time left before the computer goes into sleep mode.
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    My Pismo has the same problem. But it usually happens with dual-layer DVD's. This will probably sound weird, but try holding the laptop sideways when it is reading. That helped me a few times.

    As for the battery, the only way I know is to fully charge and discharge the battery. Leave it plugged in overnight, and the next day play starcraft/quake/(insert game here) until it shuts off. That should re-calibrate it. If you find another way, feel free to post it for me.
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    dmband0026dmband0026 Posts: 2,345member
    Is there a way to reset the PMU on a pismo? I'm not sure if there is, but if there is a way, someone on here knows how. That would fix your battery issues.
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    neutrino23neutrino23 Posts: 1,558member
    Go to the support page on Apple's site and read article 14449 to learn how to reset the power manager on any Apple laptop.

    Pismos haven't been made for something like three years. Batteries that old rarely hold their charge well. I would be surprised if it could get more than forty five minutes of battery powered operation.

    Older CD drives have trouble reading CD-Rs. Wallstreet era drives were really bad. Pismo era drives usually did pretty well. You could also try using a CD drive cleaner. The lens might have gotten dirty.

    I noticed that a badly scratched DVD that played poorly on my Pismo played well on our newer drives.
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    kanekane Posts: 392member
    Thank you all for your input. I will buy one of those CD-cleaning kits and give that a try.

    Neutrino23: Actually the Pismo I just bought came with a battery that lasts about 100 minutes on a full charge under "normal" usage.

    Also, if you have any Neutrinos to spare, I would recommend that you contact the people at CERN and share with them your goodies.
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    Kane, just so you know. Pismos had know issues with cd/dvd drives. There were 2 types used in the original, and one was faulty. I got a bad drive....BOOOOOO. I've never replaced it, and suffer from it working from time to time.

    Installing Panther got me through the 1st disc. When it asked for the second i was SOL. Luckily it works fine without the stuff on the second disc, so far.

    I forget which drive was bad, but i want to say it was a drive starting with an M Matsu...something.
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    kanekane Posts: 392member
    Dawgfather: could you do me a favor and check what drive it is you have, seeing as how yours is malfunctioning? Here's how (I think): Apple menu->About this Mac->More info->ATA

    There it says who manufacured it. Mine is made by LG. I think there is a DVD-drive made by a company called Matushita (again, I think) so maybe those were the corrupt drives in the Pismo...

    If my drive is broken, or faulty, and since I don't have any original receat on it (I bought it used by someone who bought it used), what should I do? Since warranty is gone and I don't even know where the Pismo was purchased, I won't get a replacement from Apple... What would it cost to have Apple replace the drive with a functioning, is that even possible? Does anyone else have any input on this?

    [Edit to clarify]
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    OK Kane i did what you said and then did a google search. The LG drives were the drives with issues. The Matu drives were fine, so you're issues will not go away.

    I now remember why i didn't replace my drive. The options are limited, unless you want to take a chance on ebay for replacement drives you mount on your sled your drive is in now.

    These guys offer new replacement drives, but the cost is why i never bought one. The ebay drive deals sound like they may work, but i'm not willing to take a chance myself.

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    kanekane Posts: 392member
    Thank you for you input DawgFather!
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