Slot Loading Superdrive Scratching CDs

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I've just noticed that the superdrive in my PB 12" 867 has been scratching some CDs slightly. These are dotted in circles, in the outer half of the CD, with each scratch following the curve of the disk, and are a few millimetres long.

Now, this is only on some disks. (I've noticed it on The Sims, and the best of album by The Beautiful South.) Do I have to worry? Have any of you seen this before? Will this eventually make the disk unreadable?

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    imacfanimacfan Posts: 444member
    Extra info : I have found these scratches on my Panther install CDs, which means that it can happen even on official Apple CDs, and has been happening on and off for at least two months. Also, I must stress that these scratches are not due to loading the disks, they are in concentric circles, centred on the centre of the disk.


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