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When I try and send an email from internet connections other than my own, it often fails, and I must either change my outgoing mail server settings or wait to send the message from my own connection later ...

BUT, this isn't the problem -- it's that when detects this error, it flings a dialog box into my face, taking control of the program, whisking me out of whatever I was doing (usually writing another email, in mid-thought) ... and then I'm forced to chose from three not so obvious options about what to do (invariably I choose "Try Again Later")

The reason i'm moved to post about this is: Does this bug anyone else as much as it bugs me? It's almost the only behavior in the entire OS and all my Apps which is so "intrusive" and seems to take control of the program.

Why couldn't just politely inform me that there's a problem .. maybe flag the affected message with a beeping red dot or something? It seems an obnoxious, annoying overkill the way it's currently acts -- it invariably catches me off guard, and feels like my machine has been "hijaked" in the most intrusive way possible.


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    ibrowseibrowse Posts: 1,749member
    Ok, for really... What so you have set as your outgoing mail server?
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    Thread cleaned.

    Yikes. Back on target.
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    bigbluebigblue Posts: 341member
    Where Mail is not intrusive, it should: when you check your mail and there's no connection, it just gives you a standard 'no mail' signal, so you think you just have no mail. No message whatsoever. At least the Activity Viewer could give a message that 'Mail could not retrieve any messages because ...' or something.
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