Mac Server (10.2) upload speed SLOW dowload FAST

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Our server (G4 dual 450) is set up on out 1000 base-T network and is really quick if we download from it, BUT if I try to upload it is so slow. The same file can take 10 sec to copy from the server and several minutes to copy back.

Copying between other macs is fine - it is just the server. We have tried a different hubs and plugging straight in still the same.

Any suggestions?



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    dobbydobby Posts: 797member
    From the do an ifconfig -a and check the mac isn't showing up as half-duplex.

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    Just wondering... when I use ifconfig -a (in linux w/bash) where would I look for Half/Full duplex? I don't see a line come up like that.

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    dobbydobby Posts: 797member
    showing duplex status on unix either

    dmesg |grep -i duplex


    ndd /dev/xxx link_mode (where xxx is your ethernet device ie hme0 is /dev/hme@ if there is only 1 ethernet device just ls -d /dev/xx* to see what dev names there are.)

    ndd returns 1 for full duplex and 0 for half duplex.

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    well under linux

    I don't have ndd -- atleast it is not in my $PATH.

    and dmesg | grep -i duplex does not return any lines.

    I am interested to learn which duplex my NIC is running at... so off to the linux forums for me...
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    Thanks for the input guys.

    I will try it out later

    But your help is appreciated.

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    Okay guys As far as I can see its all on full duplex.


    any suggestions?

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    There are some oddities out there for Duplex/Simplex settings. Unlike every other setting for ethernet ports, both sides of a connection have to have the same setting, that is: if one side is set to negotiate and the other to a set value (simplex/duplex) then they should wind up both being simplex. In reality there are a whole lot of different behaviors out there in this case, and so you get weird cases where one side is simplex, and the other duplex, but yet they still seem to get along fine (with a very asymmetrical connection).

    Another variable can be MacOS 9 vs MacOS X. When a MacOS 9 client connects to a MacOS X box as a server, the connection is very fast, the reverse tends to be slower (MacOS X is a much better AFP platform).

    A third variable can be whether your connections are AppleTalk or over IP, make sure you are connecting by IP address, and then this is not an issue.
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