You dont like my Mac movies, here are some real ones.

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    The first movie is a silent movie called "Dont Talk to Strangers" in which a child is abducted but then fends them off to the delight of the police investigators.

    The second movie is a movie trailor designed for RKO's King Kong, the original. We had to watch that movie as part of the class curriculum and then had to create a trailor for it.

    The third movie is called "Confessions of a Ridiculous Mind" and is about a man being interrogated, under suspicions of muder. The man being investigated finally cracks under the "intense" pressure, haha. It is kind of a tongue in cheek take on what some film noir kind of scenes look like.

    Do I dare say, tell me what you think? 8)
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    Sorry if the topic name is offputting or something but does anyone have any comments about these shorts? I do not intend to gravitate towards people's bad sides, I dont want to irritate or make anyone annoyed by posting links to my movies. I hope these ones are worth your time and maybe there is something funny, interesting, or nicely done in these movies that you will take with you, thanks.
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    If people do not want to comment your movies it's their right. Artificially bump a dying thread the way you do it, is not allowed. This thread is closed.

    People who love your thread, can PM you.
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