A GarageBand favor from some kind soul...

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I won't be getting mine until Saturday, so I want to know EXACTLY (I've waited for almost two weeks, dammit) the instruments included!

I think I saw an icon for a pedal steel (which really excites me). But I'm curious about the rest. Hundreds?

If you find an easy way to, perhaps, copy and paste a listing of the instruments included in GarageBand, post them in this thread OR e-mail them to me if you'd be so kind.

Yeah, I know...just one more day. But I'm dyin' of curiosity over here!


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    -Deep Round Synth bass

    -Fingerstyle Electric

    -Fretless electric

    -Muted electric

    -Slapped electric

    -Sub Synth bass

    -Tight Synth bass

    -Upright Jazz

    Drum Kits


    -Hip Hop






    -Big electric Lead

    -Classic acoustic

    -Clean Electric

    -Electric tremolo

    -Steel String Acoustic


    -Dub Horns

    -Live pop horns

    -Pop horn section


    -Aurora bell

    -Church bell

    -Music box



    -Classic rock



    -Smooth dance

    Pianos and keyboards






    -Swirling Electric






    Synth basics

    -Circuit Dialog


    -Martian lounge

    -Modern Prophecy


    -Sequence element 1

    -Sequence element 2

    -Space Harpsichord

    -Star sweeper

    Synth Lead

    -Arena run

    -blip slide

    -cheerful trance

    -Future flute

    -ominous dancefloor

    -riffy fifths

    -synchro nice

    synth pads

    -Angelic ocean

    -aquatic sunbeam

    -cloud break

    -cosmic reflection

    -falling star

    -mercury wash

    -silicon strings


    -alto sax

    -pop flute

    -tenor sax

    phew, that's the lot of them 8)

    I only JUST installed it, and recorded one small sample, but so far, the instruments I've used are really good, the guitar has little fret noises and such, and I just opened up a virtual instrument editor box that looks promising.

    this program is going to be so much fun!
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