ah crap... everyone say bye to ipods....

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not that i would buy this over an ipod, but video support is obviously a highly requested feature, and the ipod got beat to it... check this out:


edit: i guess maybe this should be in general discussion... i dunno... mods, just move if needed...


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    2,500 bucks for a pc lite coat...few americans will buy it...maybe bill gates...some japanese will like it...and maybe the founding members of the "Get Smart" fan club site...put this is very very much a either niche market or a far into the future market...won't hurt iPods at all


    unless your link is wrong and you are actually trying to show us a iPod like thing with video also
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    Whatever. iPods are only getting better. I don't want to have my stuff embedded into anything. What if it went out of style? What if it rained? What if it was not bloody cold out? Then what would you do with all of your stuff on your clothes that are for winter? The only thing I can think of that would be a bit sell for that are those annoying people that quiz you at any of the Disneyland Resort Parks, Meter Maids, Motorbike Cops, or really rich, drunk and stoned Bill Gates kids needing crib notes to pass a class. Take that through a metal detector at the airport, I dare you. See you when I get back on the return flight. They will strip search your "bomb" infested body, along with full cavity search. Hope you like latex.

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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Already happened with a woman flying from Europe to the US (Gatwick -> NY?). Her ski jacket was heated - ie, full of wires and a battery pack. She was *NOT* allowed on the plane until they determined that it was not a threat. I believe by taking it apart... :P
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