PM G5 or Intel p4/itanium/amd 64

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heres my problem: i am doing a research paper on weather or not intel is faster is faster than g5:

maximum pc has done "in-debth-non-bias research", benchmaking the osx g5 and win-xp on intel., as has mac addict.

mac addict says mac wins

max.pc claims wintel/winamd somked apple

is there any NON BIAS research, not financed by apple or intel?

I am not a mac basher, i just want the truth, i dont have 7500$ to do my own research (know where i can find that loot? )

in the words of fox molder "the truth is out there"

my hypothosys says mac would be faster, bus and ram interface points to that end.

and for fairness, wouldnt a test intel box need to run bsd? unix V unix


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    would be a good place to start, they had a HUGE write up about the PowerPC 970(g5) and all it's benefits and design features, as well as some peformance testing(I believe) but they also have had articles about AMDs 64 athlon, so It'd probably be good to look at.
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    The problems is that you compare two differents chips on two differents platforms with differents compilers.

    The biggest problems for the G5, is that it's a new brand that requires good compilers in order to work efficiently. With a good code optimisation the G5 is a great chip, without it's not miraculous.

    Keep in mind also that the G5 is more a Xeon like chip, built for SMT.
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    This is Appleinsider, so what do you think my reply is gonna be? You guessed it, the G5.

    In all honisty it does depend what you want to do with your computer. If you want the best of the best, build your own PC. If you want ease-of-use, Apple all the way. Want a computer that everyone will be-able to use with out asking questions (well until the errors start)? Dell(In this example 'everyone' refers to people with a room temperature IQ). Personally, having worked extensively with both platforms, I'd go for the G5.
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    well come to think of it there is no itanium based super computer built for <6.?million$ on the top 5 list......hummmmm ..... if good ol' Ed McCman comes over after the super bowl i will have a super computer in my rented warehouse in oooh....say 6 months...make your reservations now!

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    For vector calculations, (SIMD) the G5 will obliterate them all. So you have to make sure you write SIMD into your code if you can.
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    Anandtech says 2.6 GHz Athlon 64s in Q4'04. Athlon 64 4000+ <-- lol.
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    Originally posted by Eugene

    Anandtech says 2.6 GHz Athlon 64s in Q4'04. Athlon 64 4000+ <-- lol.

    And we'll be having the same speeds in a G5 in a couple o' weeks.
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    There is no fastest computer.These processors dont have a maximum speed like a car.It entirely depends on the nature of the code,the degree of optimazation for each platform,and obviosly other none processor related issues such as memory.Those who benchmark computers know this,usually,and can exploit it to show what they wish.Beware of the messengers.When Apple does benchmarks we know why they do it.They want to sell their machines.When joe blow pc promoter on the web does a benchmark to trash Apple ask yourself why he is doing it.What is he selling? Is he the consumers best friend or has he another agenda..............

    So who do you trust? Dont trust either.It would be better research to study the advantages of the architectures and what they can bring to the performance equation.Not as easy as it might sound and in the end you get only acedemic answers but then it is only and acedemic question.
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