Need help with a Terminal error

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Before I start, I should say what I am trying to do:

My Computer Science professor wants to teach us C#, (why I do not know). On the Microsoft Developer website there is a Tarball that contains the open source .net framework and toolset for FreeBSD and Mac OSX. I followed the directions as given in the readme.txt, but I keep getting a console error that reads:

ld -o /Users/timothyobrien/sscli/build/v1.ppcfstchk.rotor/nmake -L/Users/timothyobrien/sscli/build/v1.ppcfstchk.rotor -dynamic /usr/lib/crt1.o -lrotor_pal action.o build.o charmap.o command.o error.o exec.o file.o getrcmsg.o globals.o ifexpr.o init.o inline.o lexer.o macro.o nmake.o parser.o print.o rpn.o rule.o util.o utilp.o win32.o /usr/lib/libcc_dynamic.a

ld: Undefined symbols:


make: *** [/Users/timothyobrien/sscli/build/v1.ppcfstchk.rotor/nmake] Error 1

Is there any terminal veterans out there that can help? I don't want to have to get a windows machine to do my homework, or virtual PC.



CS student


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