Dual 1ghz encoding times?

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I am trying to convince my company to buy a Dual PM for our mpeg 2 encoding and DVD work. Our plan is to use a high end Firewire bridge to capture from our Beta SP deck. My question is what are the encode times with the Dual 1 Ghz. how long does it take to encode 1 hour of DV to Mpeg2 at a high bit rate. When using iDVD2 do you encode before burning, or is it an all in one process? Either way what are the times, and result. Thanks for any help.


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    iDVD 2 starts encoding as you add clips to your project.

    You're looking at about 1 hour to encode the video and 1 hour to burn it after it's done encoding.

    If you're going to be doing serious MPEG-2 encoding, I'd point you over to Discreet.com or hardware solutions...
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    Only the highest end board capture at full Mpeg2. Most capture at half D1. we currently have an Optibase system which we use for Mpeg1 encoding and half D1. We then just use Spruce Up (which blows) for simply menus. Our clients are all corporate, and the video is all talking head stuff, so they don't need anything fancy. Software encoding for the price will give you the best encode, and as CPU's increase it will only get faster. So that's most likely the direction we are heading, I just want to head there with a Mac and not a PC.
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    I have a new Dual 1GHz and have been doing a fair amount of encoding and burning. iDVD2 encoding at the 60 minute rate (8Mbps) seems to take about 2x the length of the source material. Burning however is taking .5-.75x. Encoding starts right away. Burning time includes the menu prep time so the first disk takes a little while longer than subsequent copies.
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