'old' iMac running Photoshop, Freehand and multitasking?

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I am deciding between a Power Mac and an old iMac G3. I know the Power Macs fly trough Photoshop, but how will an iMac g3 compare? will it be a *huge* difference? I am planning, if I buy the g3, on bumping the ram to 1gb. how will it perform using Photoshop, Freehand, Microsoft Office and Various windows of Internet explorer, and itunes, all at the same time? (my common working enviroment on a HP Vectra) Will I get freezes? how do you think it will work overall? also, can I run Photohop 6 in X?

thanks in advance for your comments.

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    corvettecorvette Posts: 561member
    The iMac g3's are pretty good, if you get one I would recommend at least a 500mhz and maybe 600 for osx. The only problem for these computers it that they might not be the best for photoshop with their 1024x768 resolution, with a dock at the bottom of the screen. With a powermac, you could get your own monitor and run at a nice resolution where photoshop would be comfortable at.
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    I really don't mind the resolution that much. You can always hide the Dock, and I use 1024 x 768 on my PC. the question now is...how well does it handle Multitasking and if I can run Photoshop 6 for x? it is kind of implied when you say "with a doc on the bottom" but I don't know if you meant 6 or 7. Thanks!
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    enderender Posts: 353member
    Photoshop 6 works in Classic mode just fine, but you must boot into 9 to print.

    FWIW-You should definitely either go with the tower or a NEW iMac G4. You will not be impressed with the capabilities of the G3 iMacs considering what you need it to do.

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