Firewire Drive on PC and Mac

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There is a guy in my Maya class that is extreemly anti Mac and Im getting sick on hearing it. His complaint is mainly wrapped around OS 10.2 not always being able to mount his firewire harddrive. He has partitioned the drive and formatted one partition as NTFS (apparently not supported by OSX) and the other as FAT (FAT can only partition 30 GB). At any rate, disk utility always sees the drive, but the FAT partition only mounts sometimes. This is happening on just about all of the G4s (they are all fairly old) in the lab. Any suggestions?

P.S. Does Panther support NTFS? (our lab wont be upgraded till next semester, but just wondering)


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    Panther does read from NTFS (read only...). On the non-mounting issue, is there any message in /var/log/system telling you about a problem when the drive is attached? And can you manually mount the partition in Disk Utility? Are there any firmware upgrades for his drive (there were a lot of bad implementations out there... many have been corrected)?
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