Dismantling an AL 15" PB screen?

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A tricky question people:

a few days ago i was stupid enough to dent the top (outside side of the screen) of my AL 15" PB. i dropped an alarm clock on it if you must know and that left a little 3 millimetre dent in the aluminium. luckily the screen has not been effected and illumination across it is still even but that nick really pisses me off when i look at it - such a perfect looking machine with a dent is not nice!

I was thinking to dismantle the screen and then disengage the metal back part of the LCD from the LCD itself and then just straighten the metal from the other side (which I'm sure should be quite easy to do...) problem i have is i don't know if this is even possible to do - to take to top assembly of an AL PB apart - without causing irreparable damage to the LCD itself.

Would anyone have an idea whether this is a silly idea? or if its not how do you do it?

I'm pretty technically savvy so i would be able to do it if i had the knowledge how but i would not want to do this without exact details and instructions...


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    Ahh. Remnds me of the days when I owned a car. Your first scratch is always the worst.

    Here's my advice - Forget it.

    Even if you were successful in taking apart your LCD assembly, you cannot pound out the dent, because the titanium is so brittle. It will look worse when you're finished. Unless you have an industrial-grade stamper.

    Taking the screen apart is extremely difficult - I've spoken to several people who specialize in this, and they say they come across ruined PowerBooks all the time, from people who try to take apart the screens.

    Just be happy your PB still works. I've bought broken ones from people who have nicked the screen with their bookbag, and the screen cracked, and went dark (that's how I know all this about fixing the screens).
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