Mysterious App & System Freeze problem

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I've been having a strange problem lately. I'm running 10.3.2 and things will run normally for a while - and then, without notice - applications will fail to launch (they will continuously try to launch in the dock,to no avail) and when I try to restart, the computer freezes.

I think I've tried all the obvious things (Disk Doctor, PRAM, Disk Warrior, reinstalling Panther, reinstalling my most commonly-used apps) but it still hangs up on me.

Is it some sort of errant preference setting? I'm really lost here. Any suggestions would make my day!




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    ast3r3xast3r3x Posts: 5,012member
    Well you cold either check the Console or have it open so that you can tell what happens once apps start going crazy.
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    Moving to the Genius Bar.
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    bigbluebigblue Posts: 341member
    Check your fonts. I had similar problems with a (not even corrupt) font. OSX is more sensitive to twisted fonts than OS9. Switch off all fonts except the ones that came with the system and try again.
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