garage band across the country

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i was thinking about a pink floyd comment i heard years ago...something about there last album, that each person recorded their musically part in different parts of the world and that they didn't see each other during the entire recording process (could be false, but anyway)...

this got me thinking of garageband...i could record a bass line here in new mexico and send it to pscates back east and he could add a guitar line and then we send it off to "insert your name here" to add keyboards, then send it to "x" for drums and so on and so on....

or, i could send out a bass line to 5 different musicians and get back five different interpretations .... would be great to see how different people "see" a musical track and go forward with it...

sound like a fun thing to do...everyone sharing their musical talents and seeing what others do with it...

i clearly see the musical industry changing over the next ten years...people are gonna always want something that the industry puts out, but, especially in the college and music fields, sharing original compositions is gonna rock



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    Kind of a chain letter? That would be great.

    Someone grab fast!
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    yes, and change music across the country to music across the world....

    unless ashcroft makes it illegal to have US music leave the country to mix with those nasty foreigners....

    opps, sorry, AO material there


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