domain registrations, etc (different than the onther thread)

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ok, so i wanna make my site, and i tihnk i'm gonna use, cause its free for three years. my question is, if i sign up with 1ana1 and use the domain name (just as an example), then i want to end the service (before being charged) will i be able to use the same domain name ( with another service if i find it to be cheaper? i'm just starting up my own business, and i need to make sure that i can use the domain name that i want to sign up for. it cant really change. i hope some of this makes sense to you... if not, just ask. thanks in advance.

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    Yes, just register the name with another registrar, and then point it to your 1and1 server..

    If you ever want to move the name, you just move it through your registrar, and you'll have no problems.
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