Apple in-ear headphones

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I haven't seen anyone talking about these, so I thought I'd write a review about my first few days with Apple's new white status symbols.

First impression.. the little case, is very nice. A convenient place to store the headphones when not in use, along with the extra silicon caps...typical Apple, making life easy.

Now... the sound... theyre sweet. Much better low and lower middle range sounds than the stock ear buds. A friend described it as "surround sound for your head". I wouldn't go that far, but the sound difference is very apparent. You've really gotta shove these suckers INTO your ear canal though.... if you try to wear them like normal ear-buds, the sound is tinny and disappointing. You've got to pull back slightly on the top of your ear, in order to open your ear up, and then shove them in... once you get a "seal" fit, the sound is awesome. Some people might be freaked out about these things damaging your hearing, but as long as you don't turn the volume up loud, I think they should be ok. I find that I don't have the volume nearly as high as before, since so much of the outside noise is eliminated by the sealed fit.

My only complaint is that there is a bit of a "stethescope effect". If the cords rub against anything (right now, its the frozen cord rubbing against my jacket in the damn -25C canadian winter), you hear it...and its obnoxious. But with careful cord placement, I have eliminated much of this....

Also, don't wear these while riding bikes, or in any other situation where you might get run over by a bus... you won't hear it coming, and it will cream you.

I'd be interested to know how these in-ear's compare with other similar products... ie: Sony Fontopias....


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