iPod truncating songs?

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my ipod seems to be having some odd issues lately. For some reason, on certain songs, it cuts them off 3-5 seconds before the actual end of the song. the only way ive found to fix this is to re format my ipod and resync my music, as the music on my mac is fine, but something happens to it on the ipod.

another problem ive found is that there are some songs that it simply refuses to play, and will skip over them, or if i try to force it to play by giving it no other songs to skip to, it will lock up.

has anyone seen this kind of problem before?


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    the skip issue is a common one i think. i've never had a song cut off a few seconds too early (check the start and stop times in itunes).
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    the songs play correctly on my mac, they get fudged up somehow on the ipod:/

    i checked the song times on both the ipod and my mac, and will smith-Miami, for example, is 3:17 on both, however, it is cut off a few seconds early at the end
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    I've had similar problems. A week later my iPod would give me the hard drive check screen whenever I connected it to my computer. It would continue to function, but more and more often I'd get songs that would stop part of the way through. I reformatted my iPod, zeroed all data, did all that good stuff, and the problem was still there, so I got it replaced and now it's working fine.
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