GB Layering Bass & Beats on real songs

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After mixing parts of two songs together beautifully and easily in GarageBand today, I thought of a wonderful new function for it. By taking some real song with a good upbeat and fun vocals (I'm thinking like "Sweet Dreams" or some female vocalist), setting a strong base and drum beat to it, you could have an incredible dance mix.

The only problem is that in real songs, the precise tempo isn't the king... artists play with the tempo, speeding up and slowing down. And in GB, you can't change the tempo for different sections; there's only one global tempo. If only you could move the measure markers to correspond with your song, DJs would be all over it.

What do people think? Is it feasible? Are there programs that can do this?


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    baumanbauman Posts: 1,248member
    I couldn't figure out how to do it... It's kinda disappointing. \
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    pbg4 dudepbg4 dude Posts: 1,611member
    You can adjust the tempo, but only for the whole song. The only variable that seems animateable (is that a word?) is volume. Nothing else has a graph that you can adjust.
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