A book for mac lovers and baseball fans

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Just wanted to plug a book here some of you might find interesting. It's called "The Batter's Edge". It's the story of a homemade computer system made up of a Mac and laserdisc recorder used by the Boston Red Sox in the early 90s. It is a really an interesting story. It's more baseball than technology related, but I'm sure some of you will find it interesting. The Author is actually the son of my boss. Check it out. Below is the amazon.com description.


In 1991, Major League Baseball was low-tech. Players reviewed their performance on videotape, and computers were not a part of game preparation. Then came The Batter?s Edge, a revolutionary computer video system, developed for the Boston Red Sox by Scott Olivieri and his father. The Batter?s Edge provided players with instant video access to their at-bats, captured pitcher?s tendencies, and changed the way baseball teams used technology.

Told in an engaging first-person narrative by a life-long Red Sox fan, The Batter?s Edge describes the players? initial resistance to the system and Olivieri?s struggle for acceptance. Join Olivieri as he sits in on strategic sessions with Wade Boggs, witnesses hilarious clubhouse banter, and gets to know the people behind the uniforms. Baseball fans and technology buffs will enjoy this unique perspective on life inside the clubhouse. Readers will savor the details of this special season in which Olivieri uses technology to help an adored franchise in their continuing quest to win the World Series.


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