iTMS Download Statistics...?

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What is the ratio of single song downloads to album downloads on the iTMS? m.


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    i'm pretty sure its about 50/50
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    last we heard thats what it was (way back in october if I recall correctly...

    I think this iTunes/Pepsi promotion will tip the scales a bit in the coming months...
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    ~50/50 was what I thought it was. I was reading an article in the paper yesterday regarding the on-line music download thing happening throughout the Internet, and the writer said that CDs and albums were under threat because of a 15:1 ratio of singles:album sales, particularly on the iTMS.

    I thought that statistic was a load of bullshit.

    It gets me how these "reporters" can make up this stuff, and be allowed to publish an article about it...

    That, and one extremely foolish newspaper reporter was writing a column on spam mail. He said:

    "I was delighted to see an unsubscribe button at the bottom of a spam email I had received and opened out of curiosity".

    This guy obviously knows dick about the Internet.

    It's a validating tactic used by spammers to verify that a receiver's email address is valid.


    Anyway, sorry for leaving the Digital Hub focus of the forum.

    So you think the Pepsi/iTMS deal will outbalance these statistics?

    It will be interesting to watch. You could be right, but I would guess that it will increase potential customers to the iTMS, and once the offer has expired it will return to normal, but with more customers...

    ...And more iPods and iPod minis! m.
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