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I don't know if this has ever been suggested before, but I have an interesting idea for Apple. Right now, several websites are allowing users to submit ther GarageBand songs for others to listen to. Apple should consider adding something similar to iTunes. They could allow people to send in their GarageBand songs and Apple would then build a library of free music. It could be run similar to the music store, and it would have its own icon in the left-hand column. You could search through this library by genre, description, name, number of downoads, etc.

People should have to submit their music directly through the GarageBand program in order to stop people from uploading pirated mp3s or other songs not created with GarageBand. When a person uploads the music, they would have to fill out a name, description, genre, and artist's name.

Apple could also create a rating system, so that other users could provide their input on a song. If a song has a bad rating for a long enough time, it would eventually be deleted from the server.

Just as the iTunes Music Store brings up a content page when it is first clicked, the GarageBand library could have its own page. Somewhere on it, it would have a description of GarageBand and would state "Availible exclusively for Macintosh."


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    No iTMS is for Professionals. Not home hobbyists making looped music. I believe Apple has an opportunity to create an evironment like this for .mac users to share and form a community. iTMS is for artists who have developed a marketing strategy to push their music.
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    It would be neat, if there was iTunes internet streaming again, for GB stuff.

    not necessarily on the iTMS network, but using the applications as a bridge.

    I don't want to see iTMS saturated with half-ass compositions from users using the same hackneyed loops. But I wouldn't mind a seperate GB/iTunes network dealie for personal sharing.
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    I completly agree with both of you in terms of keeping it separate from the Music Store. My intention was that it would be a separate service, but still done through the iTunes application. I do not want GarageBand songs showing up when a user is searching for music to purchase.

    However, I still think that it must be done through iTunes, not through .mac or something else. It would be a great opportunity to expose PC users to GarageBand, which could generate quite a few switchers. I doubt that many PC users would download a separate application or go to a .mac website for this. iTunes would be perfect, since it already has such a large installed base.
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