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It's official. They will move to XServes G5.



Virginia Tech to upgrade supercomputer to Xserve

Monday January 26, 11:59 pm ET

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan 27 (Reuters) - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University will upgrade its supercomputer that uses Apple Computer Inc. (NasdaqNM:AAPL - News)'s PowerMac G5 computers with Apple's recently introduced Xserve G5 servers that have two chips in each box, the university said on Tuesday.


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    And they all when I posted the original Slashdot story here.
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    MacOSRumors adds some details today. I hope they aren't the result of overnight crack.


    VT Xserve G5s to be at least 2.4GHz:
    The usual suspects say there is a very good reason for the timing of Virginia Tech's switchover to Xserve G5s in the April/May timeframe - that is when Apple has said they will have faster dual PowerPC 970FX-based Xserves with CPUs running at no less than 2.4GHz. At that time Apple expects to be shipping PowerMac G5s with Dual 2.6GHz 970FX processors, and the only reason the Xserve lags slightly behind is the still considerable heat production of the 970FX. Not long after, Apple will be in the final stretch of development and manufacturing of the Powerbook G5 which could run as fast as 2GHz.

    Due to the additional 800MHz of additional combined clock speed per node along with the other performance benefits of a cluster that will be 3X denser than the PowerMac-based supercomputer, the new system ought to be considerably more powerful even with the same number of nodes as before. The real killer about this latest wave of reports is this, however: rather than the 1,100 nodes in the PowerMac cluster, the extra space freed up in the Xserve system might allow VT to scale to 1,600+ nodes without too drastic a financial outlay on VT's part due to a very kind package deal offered by Apple.... Most impressive. We will just have to wait and see how close to the mark these reports prove to be.

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