Should Apple offer a software subscription service?

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I'd be glad to pay a subcription fee if that results in software updates such as new OS releases, iLife updates etc. being made available either via download or by sending out CDs automatically.

What's you take?


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    I'm pretty sure ADC does essentially that. I know that they send new OS releases to you, but I can't remember if they give you other software or not.
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    kcmackcmac Posts: 1,051member
    They already do. New version of OS X once a year. DotMac once a year. And now iLife.

    Not that I mind. I like new mac stuff....

    Would I pay to lease software. NO.

    If I pay for it, it is mine.
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    I wouldn't mind seeing a yearly bundle in 2 flavors

    Regular Bundle
    • OS X Retail Price $129

    • .Mac Retail price $99

    • iLife Retail Price $59

    for $249/year a $40 savings over buying them individually.

    Family Bundle
    • OS X Family Pack Retail Price $199

    • .Mac 2 users Retail price $169

    • iLife Family Pack Retail Price $99

    For $399 a $70 savings over buying them individually.

    Now I think some people would go for that package (esp a Family Pack .Mac for like $170/year)
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    baumanbauman Posts: 1,248member
    The problem is that they must *GUARANTEE* that they will release the software once a year, or however often. This just ends up rushing projects and that's not how dev. should run. There must be deadlines, but yearly might not be the best for all projects.
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    Bad idea. I can barely tolerate .mac as it is.
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