fanfare sound??

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Hi, I am writing on behalf of a friend that has very little expertise with macs, and asked me this question...

Her iMac (17 inch widescreen, 1 ghz, 512 ram) makes a fanfare type sound every once in a while.

I was on the phone with her when it made the sound once, and it sounds like the sound Snood plays when you connect three (two notes and then a third higher note) but it isn't that exact sound...

I am wondering what program could be making this noise. I asked her what she's installed, and she read me her applications folder, and the only things in there that she added were Microsoft Office and the .Mac stuff. (virex, backup)

She's running Mac OS X 10.2.8

any ideas? Or, what questions should I ask her to try and figure it out... Thanks!


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    hmm... the only thing i know that makes that sound is Age of Empires, when you're being attacked. try searching the system folder for sound files, and also run the activity monitor to see if any weird programs are running in the background.
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    gsfmarkgsfmark Posts: 210member
    it was stupid buddy alerts in AIM. thanks though.
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