Bush the Budget Buster and his Democratic Clones

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Break open the piggy bank!

Many a thread on here has complained about the Republicans and how Bush specifically has let federal spending blow totally out of control.

I have complained about Bush in this regard, but also likewise complained that I haven't seen any press conferences from the left calling for less spending, or even any plans that are any more realistic about balancing the budget while also calling for tax increases.

This article finally got into each candidate a bit, what they have proposed, and what it will cost.

The results, we are all going to be in debt up to our necks forever no matter who we vote for.




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    Yes. But it's not all bad. Who owns this debt? I suspect it's the Chinese. They kept their currency low, while the dollar was high. Once an equilibrium is reached there, we'll see a much less aggressive attitude on the part of the Red Army. In the mean time, we can always of course count on the French to moderate our enemies behavior.
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    Balancing budget and keeping debt reasonably low are two very different things.

    I guess I will leave it at that for now, I just drove through white hell and am not feeling up to discussing my point further.
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