where's a good list of terminal commands?

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where's a good list of terminal commands? jsut some useful things, or simple commands like how to show hidden files and stuff (i'm trying to learn). thanks.


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    type in: uptime

    It shows you how long youve been up and running, as well as load averages, though Im not sure what those exactly mean. My guess is theyre related to processor loads being processed? haha.

    23:52 up 1 day, 3:27, 1 user, load averages: 1.62 1.46 1.35
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    12:58 up 20 days, 21:20, 2 users, load averages: 0.51 0.44 0.45

    'who' lists logged in clients to shell (i.e. not shared type clients)
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    To get a list of most of the commands, enter this command:

    ls /bin; ls /sbin; ls /usr/bin; ls /usr/sbin

    Pick a command and use "man" to get the manual help pages for it. For example:

    man rm

    gives me:

    RM(1) BSD General Commands Manual RM(1)


    rm, unlink - remove directory entries


    rm [-dfiPRrvW] file ...

    unlink file


    The rm utility attempts to remove the non-directory type files specified

    on the command line. If the permissions of the file do not permit writ-

    ing, and the standard input device is a terminal, the user is prompted

    (on the standard error output) for confirmation.

    Knock yourself out. There are LOTS of command line tools included with Mac OS X.
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    Look here:


    A good overview from very beginner to familiarity.
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