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I screwed up. I updated my iPod this morning, and when iTunes said "update complete," I unplugged it. But the iPod was still showing "Do Not Disconnect." I got the error/warning message on iTunes.

The iPod works perfectly, but I noticed it didn't actually update. So now, when I try to update it, this happens:

My iPod appears on the desktop, iTunes opens, the iPod says "Do Not Disconnect" - but then the icon disappears, iTunes does not update it, and the iPod screen returns to the main menu. I've tried restarting my iMac and checking all the connections, etc.

Any ideas?


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    i didnt follow that very well, but, as a last resort, do a software restore on the ipod. you'll lose everything on it, but of course once you sync it it all comes back. try just restarting your ipod unplugged from the machine, then restart the machine, then plug the ipod in. if you have a dock try connecting without the dock. i dunno if any of that will work (besides the software restore) but thats what i would try.
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    bka77bka77 Posts: 331member

    first thing I would try is to reset the iPod.


    if that doesn't fix your problem I would try to restore the iPod.

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    Thanks very much for the help. Resetting doesn't do any good (is that all there is to resetting - push the play & menu buttons and wait for the Apple logo, and that's it?).

    I'll try restoring it. If that still doesn't work, then I guess there's something seriously wrong and I'll get a new one (it's still under warranty, thankfully) since this one will be empty and useless.
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