Making cached Flash files inaccessible

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Okay here's the deal: I'm creating a microsite for a client that will feature .flv (Flash Video) files streamed into the main .swf on the homepage. These files appear in the user's internet cache and can be located and played independently of the website using an application such as FL Browser.

No big deal, apart from the fact that the client has signed a deal ensuring that the streaming would be secure. We all know that there's no foolproof way of doing this, the user could simply record the screen using many of the apps available.

But we need to show that we tried.

Is there some method of tying the .flv to a specific IP address or using encryption so that the .flv is useless in the cache, or even preventing flash from caching the file?

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts!


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    First thought, and probably not incredibly effective (I don't have much experience with it):


    or, more properly, set the HTTP headers that are sent out:

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