Unison 1.0 (Newsreader) From Panic Software Is Out

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I downloaded this an hour ago and have been playing around with it...


I already sent them the $24.95....for a 1.0 release it's REALLY nice. And I can only see it getting better. I have bought their FTP client Transmit in the past...and I am glad to support their efforts.

The interface is very nice...and it's FAST, even on my 667 MHz TiBook. Bravo to the programmers at Panic for a great product.


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    Yeah, I've been playing around with Unison for a bit today, and it's great. Good stuff
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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member

    Originally posted by hyperb0le

    Yeah, I've been playing around with Unison for a bit today, and it's great. Good stuff

    Has anybody figured out how to select a subset of files in the "files" view and then have them previewed in the "Images" view?

    Also, once you have a bunch of images previewed (thumbnailed), how to save these to disk?

    I beta-tested this and could never get the answer.
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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member
    I played with it last night. It's a good start on a newsreader.

    The basic interface is great. Its signature feature doesn't follow the USENET standard of automatically including the "-- " line above the sig - or even offer that as a preference, and the filtering capabilities are hopelessly anemic. The last is a problem for me because for the last seven or eight years there's been a great deal of spam and noise on USENET, and the days when I had a "bozo bin" a few lines long are far behind me. Actually, a Mail-like Bayesian filter would rock, especially if it could learn by newsgroup.

    I'll send them feedback.
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    keshkesh Posts: 621member
    The interface is fantastic. Very elegant, no manual is necessary to get started if you've used Usenet before.

    I do miss regular expression filtering, however. Also surprising was that there was no 'highlight' features that I could find, for pulling select posters/subjects apart from the rest.

    The keyboard interface is slightly wonky... if you downarrow to a collapsed discussion thread, you have to use rightarrow to expand it and keep reading. If you don't, another downarrow takes you to the next thread, rather than delving into this one. I can see it as a feature, but it threw me off at first.

    Also, the subject window needs to stay at least one post ahead of what I'm actually reading. It's no fun to downarrow, and suddenly find myself in a new thread containing a multi-megabyte BMP file I don't want. Especially when the thread title would've warned me what was inside, and I could have avoided it.

    Overall, I love this app, and can't wait to see it improved. I just have to wait until I find a new job before registering.
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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member
    Another thing: I'd gotten spoiled in MTNW by reading a thread entirely with the space bar, which pages down until the end of the article, and then goes to the next article. The key commands in the reader window you get by double-clicking are not quite that elegant (command-[ and command-] are mapped to previous and next, respectively).
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    Man, thank-you so much for posting this information - a very much needed mac newsgroup reader program.

    Panic blows my mind with the quality of products they make.

    Props to Panic.
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