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I have an original eMac 700 mhz and recently the display has gone funky. I recently installed a superdrive in my eMac, but I did this about 3 weeks prior to having any problems. The problem is the screen gets all jumpy and migrates and squishes towards the top of the screen. Sometimes the screen will also flicker on and off. The first time it did this I turned it off and let it go because I didn't have time to do anything. When I turned it back on it was fine! About 10-15 min. went by and the same problem reoccured. It has been that way ever since. I called my local Mac repair place and they said it would be about $350 to replace and I don't have that kind of money right now. Is my monitor totally gone or is their something I can do to fix it. Thanks for all of your help in advance.



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    This was a common problem. Contact a dealer (another one? maybe you're close to an Apple Store?) regarding replacing the defective part (which I think was a cable). Hopefully, you have AppleCare, but they may still do it for free.
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    Incidentally, it's called a "raster shift" problem. Here's a quote from MacInTouch on this issue (dated May 2003):


    Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 12:31:42 -0700

    From: Randy B. Singer

    Subject: eMac Monitor problem

    There has been a widely reported eMac "raster shift" screen defect. The "raster shift" problem causes the bottom third or half of the screen to go black, with the rest of image shifting upward. Serious static also accompanies the problem, rendering the viewable part of the screen virtually useless.

    Resolving the eMac "raster shift" issue involves the fairly straightforward replacement of a single component - the IVAD cable. The fix should only be performed by a skilled Apple authorized technician.

    Recent eMacs do not appear to suffer from this problem, but I have spoken to a number of eMac owners who have experienced this problem and have found no relief after taking their eMac to an Apple Authorized Service Center. Apple service folks apparently have not been informed about the solution to this problem, so you may need to call Apple directly, or have the Service Center call Apple directly about this and inquire about the IVAD cable replacement fix.

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