Marketshare ****face Mac

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Maybe I am being simplistic about this, in my quest to pose a solution to a problem-which it really is.

Share (In this case market share in the PC industry)

1. The part (usually an iron or steel plate) of a plow which

cuts the ground at the bottom of a furrow; a plowshare.

2. The part which opens the ground for the reception of the

seed, in a machine for sowing seed. --Knight.

Ok, I just got finished reading the business week cover article about Steve Jobs and the iPod. The article frames this digital media craze as Steve's quest for Mac market share redemption, the iPod being his second chance to do things the right way.

I still think he could succede on his first one, the Mac's marketshare is not at a total loss. The article says it hovers around 3% or less but is made up of a rabidly loyal base (us) that keep on coming back for more innovation. They see Apple's only potential threat to this market (us again) would be a lack of innovation. I agree, however I also think that there really is a simple way to solve the freaking market share "crisis" in the media's mind-Once and for all.

The ****FACE Macintosh! A complete piece of shit, **** job. Something so terribly ill equipped to even be called a Macintosh by our standards, something so cheap it would possibly ship with the same components Dell uses! Why not? More people would buy it, because it would cost 500 dollars!

Here's what it could be:

A G4 at 800 Mhz


Apple Suite (Office)


The usual software bla bla...

Here's what it wont be: A digital hub

One firewire port

No wireless


No R&D on design (who needs that right? Certainly not PC people)

Nothing more than a CD-RW drive

Price her at $499 and have it come in beige and black-Bingo

One crap ass **** face piece of shit-but it would sell by the truckloads, and it wouldnt matter if Best Buy, Circuit City, or any of those places sold it. Oh, you say, "but people would get a bad impression of Apple!" Not a problem, they have years of media bashing and ignorant sales people/next door neighbors that have already done that. It would look like crap and get broken in the stores? So does everyone else's computers and hardware though. Make it a tough machine, no frills, but maybe just bare bones enough to give Apple the same profit it makes on an iPod-say $50 bucks.

Market share would go up, no doubt.

"But this is a stupid idea, its not a good one or Apple would have done it already." Heres the catch buddy! Outsource it to be produced and shipped by HP or it the HCrap or HPac or something.


Do I hear 10% knocking at our door, 10% never felt so dirty...So good.

People want shit, give them shit but dont let them know its Apple----Until they start it up.....Honestly, how many PC losers actually TRY out their machine before they buy it anyway? "Hey honey, this one can get on the internet for just under 500 bucks."

"Ok, I like it too honey, and it looks like the Johnson's one too."

"Yup, sure does, and also the Guererro's...and office has one just like this and it does everything I need...."

Ahh, all while Apple takes this market share money and dumps it into R&D to make the real, productive, and creative users more products that are actually worthy of being sold directly from Apple... 8)


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    Uhhh huh.
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    Write Apple, I'm sure they will start doing that
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    Great thread, if we don't take language, tone, or content into consideration.

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