Keyboard Navigation in Safari Please

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Just a vote for Apple to adopt some of the Explorer-style keyboard navigation for links. Links by first letter is so easy on the mouse hands once you get the hang. Quite annoying to find hitting the tab key in Safari does not even cycle through links at all, let alone the first letter thing.


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    It's already available in 1.2.

    Too bad 1.2 isn't "public" yet.
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    Hopefully they include first letter completion at some point too for links. It should behave the way navigating the Finder's folders allows you to jump with a keystroke (or two) to any folder. Links should behave the same.

    Maybe 1.2 update supplies this but your screenshot does not say.
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    Well, OmniWeb already has that behavior, jumping to links as you type them. It also uses apple-down and apple-up to select links on the page. It's done this for ages.

    Ah, OmniWeb... always ahead of the curve.

    Monday brings the new OmniWeb 5.0 that has a fancy tab implementation. I can't wait!
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    Cool, I'll have to check that program out. Thanks for the tip.
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    For reference, you can find info about OmniWeb at:

    The Omni Group - Applications - OmniWeb

    OmniWeb 5 Preview

    You'll note that there is a price tag for OmniWeb. It is a shareware app. However, it is not "crippled" shareware. The app is fully functional without registration with just some subtle reminders*.

    OmniWeb is an app by one of those few companies that really cares about user interface. All of Omni's apps are beautifully designed and have, in some cases, won awards for their design and interface. The people that use them love them with a passion.

    OmniWeb used to be my default browser. When Safari came along, though, and offered a fast, useful tab implementation, I switched. I strongly suspect that I'll be switching back to OmniWeb next week when the new version's "public beta" is released.

    * There are three things here. Occasionally a dialog with a funny comment will appear at startup asking you to register, but you can dismiss it immediately. Also, if you leave a page sitting idle for a few minutes, an "unregistered" watermark will appear over it. This watermark will disappear immediately after you click the mouse or press a keyboard key. Lastly, you cannot change the default "blank" startup page without redistering.
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    wjmoorewjmoore Posts: 210member

    Originally posted by Brad

    Ah, OmniWeb... always ahead of the curve.

    Except in speed and rendering (Well prior to them integrating WebCore). It's too bad the OmniGroup didn't fix their rendering/speed issues before Safari came out, I think they would have had a much larger following if that was the case.
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