AI and Team Mac OS X vs Silent PC Review, the fight continues!

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If you don't already know, a ton of AI folks have turned out to join Team Mac OS X #1971 in it's contest against a long time rival the Silent PC Review.

We at Team Mac OS X have been playing second fiddle to the boys at SPCR on the [email protected] stats for quite some time now, putting up with their taunts and joking about the Mac platform.

Well through a concentrated team effort with our new friends here we have made substantial gains and closed the gap between us for the FIRST TIME! They refuse to go down!

"Join Team SPCR as we battle the green, yellow, orange, red, purple, and blue of Team MacOS X. Team SPCR currently leads Team MacOS X in total points, but it's CLOSE. In fact, they have taken the upper hand over the past 24 hours, and we need your help to fight them off."

But now SPCR has called in reinforcements! Our advantage may be lost!


What can I do?

You can download and run the [email protected] graphical version for your single processor, set it as a start-up application and/or run it 24/7, your choice.

Dual processors: We have a program manager called Increase that will run multiple [email protected]'s to take advantage of dual processors. It will download and set up [email protected] for you automatically.

What is [email protected]?

It's a distributed computing project run by the Stanford University that computes protein folding to cure many of the world's diseases.

It runs in the background and uses your spare CPU, downloads a protein, works on it and uploads the results all automatically.

It will automatically self scale down if you need more CPU, I run several [email protected]'s and can play Halo without a problem.

Who is Team Mac OS X #1971?

We are a non-sponsored Mac Folding team that's dedicated only to [email protected] on the Mac, that's all we do. Of course switcher PC's can join the "fold" for our team as well. We have customized software and a web site to answer your [email protected] questions.

Where do I find out more?

What do I get out of it?

You get to enjoy some friendly (we keep it friendly!) competition, you put your computer to work helping mankind and make new friends.

You'll make points for every work unit you finish and upload to Stanford which goes toward your own score and the Teams.

You also get a online certificate that you can print out

Will it hurt my computer?

Heck NO!, but it's going to make it work!

Most of us "Folders" run our machines 24/7 in this competition and just let our displays sleep, we have instant on machines and the 4 AM cron maintenance scripts (run by the OS) run every night. Keeping our machines finely tuned. Day "folders" are welcome as well!

[B]I'm a sys admin for a computer lab full of Mac's and/or PC's and can't have client access to the console or have the graphical version accessible or viewable.

For Mac's use Increase, it can do this and then you can remove Increase from the hard drive of the client. Everything will still run automatically, even after a reboot.

For PC's I know a similar program exists, check in our forums.

When do these work units have to be turned in?

There are different amounts of days to finish each work unit, the [email protected] will automatically evaluate your CPU, it's your job to let it work. The faster it gets done, the bigger they get, and the more points you'll score.

So what's score of Team Mac OS X and SPCR?

As of this posting it's a dead heat, we are closing, but they have called in support to counter our advancement. If we don't act, we will lose, permanently.

TEAM SPCR..........2324459.6

Team Mac OS X....2322041.2

Ok, I'm in! Where do I sign up?

Download the graphical version of [email protected] (screen-saver is not advised) or the Increase program for Dual processor machines and enter your nick and #1971 for our Team.

If you have 56K dial-up and a Dual processor machine, consider running as many as eight ( 8 ) [email protected]'s via Increase (change the CPU to 8 ) so that it will continue working while your offline.

Join us in the forums if you have any questions, especially with the Increase.

That's it and "Welcome to the Fold!"

Ok, I'm in, what can I do to help?

You can spread the word! Bring folks to read this thread and get involved.

Remember we are Team Mac OS X #1971!

The friendliest Mac Folding Team!


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    ast3r3xast3r3x Posts: 5,012member
    Not to be an ass, but do we really need another thread of almost the exact same thing? I am helping Team OS X, but just don't feel it's necessary to makes multiple threads of basically the same thing. I'm not worried about beating other teams, just helping is why you should be doing it.
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    ast3r3x is right. There's another thread about folding. Gathering people to support a "cause" like folding because it may benefit the medical community is one thing, but posting solely with the intent of recruiting people for a team is a wholly different matter and will be considered spamming.

    I'm closing this thread as a first warning against spamming like this. I tolerated the recruiting in that first thread, but don't start it across the rest of the forums. Don't do it again or you'll risk account suspension.
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