pb 15" ti 800 & battery issues

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
ok heres what happens

while sleeping

battery charged to 100%

lid closed pb goes to sleep

no user logged in

open lid 8 hrs later

battery is now at 22%

while running

battery at 100%

falls rapidly to 40%

drops suddenly to 12 %

drains to 2 %

grin~!~,...& then runs for another 40min or so

at 2% before shutting down

isnt this drain a little excessive ?

yes i have reset the pmu & recalibrated etc etc

im wondering if the battery itself is on its last legs

opinions anyone ?


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    Sounds similar to what happened to my Time laptop's battery (it ran on 0% for about 20 mins) - that one was near death. One thing I was told when I phoned to ask why was that, if the laptop is left plugged in when the battery is at 100%, the battery gets damaged. So either unplug more often, or take the battery out once it's charged...
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