Apple moving to Austin, TX ?

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EDIT: I meant is Apple moving some people to Austin, TX!!!

Check out the macnn link here:


Apple is negotiating to lease roughly 275,000 square feet in Northwest Austin being vacated by Plano-based technology outsourcing company Electronic Data Systems Corp., according to the Austin Business Journal: "The pending deal is being interpreted as a positive sign for the Northwest Austin submarket, which has been plagued with excess space and the highest office vacancy rate in the city -- roughly 28 percent. Adding to the optimism is the execution of recent deals in the immediate vicinity that total more than 450,000 square feet."

Here is the official link:

Is this going to be office space or what??? A little big for an Apple store I think... It would be cool if they moved some programmers there. Maybe I could get a job at Apple then?


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    Apple technical support is based in Austin, TX.
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    Hmmm then maybe a larger Tech Support department is all? I work in tech support right now, and yes I get almost all of the Mac calls. It would be cool to have a Mac Tech Support job. Think about sitting there all day long with nothing to do!!!

    Really though, I hope it is for programmers. I wouldnt mind moving to Austin if I could have a job like that! Might not live near Austin though. Live in Dallas with a 6 hour commute(there/back) everyday!
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    a_greera_greer Posts: 4,594member
    there are lots of smart people in the engineering/programming/testing/marketing (and so on) feilds who live outside of CA and SF area in particular. and why do these smart people live outside of Ca? tech is great but that part of the countnty is known for being so damd expensve not to mention the taxes.

    this potential new talent pool isnt centered in tx, but more people would be willing to take a lucrative job in tx than the vally (ca) because they know the value of a buck

    just my 2 cents
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    PowerBook repair facilities are based in Austin, TX as well. You won't see HQ move out of Cupertino, but you will see expansion of their facilities in Austin for technical support purposes, presumably. Nice to know it isn't all being downsized and outsourced to India.
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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    Apple has something lke 10,000 employees, don't they? Add in consultants and don't bother counting remote employees, they probably need 2.2 to 2.5 million sf of office space. I'm just guessing at those numbers, and they are likely to be on the high end for a tech company with a good amount of lab space and amenities. So 275,000 sf looks like a significant but still small piece of the company.
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    shetlineshetline Posts: 4,695member
    Have you ever looked closely at some Mac manuals, or even the bottom of a 12" PowerBook? (This probably applies to other PowerBooks and products too, but the 12" is the only one I'm sure of at the moment.)

    They say something like: "Made in California by Apple Computer, Inc." Not "Made in USA", but "Made in California". I suspect this is a Steve-ism, and that Steve likes California way too much to move his own office, or much of the operations he'd have to spend much time at, to Texas. I can't see Texas culture and Apple culture being a very comfortable fit.
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    If you read the whole thing it is obviously a consolidation of existing personnel in the Austin area. They currently occupy around 241,000 sf in that area, in several different buildings. Consolidate, get one big space, negotiate for a long term lease to pay less (maybe MUCH) than they are currently paying. No real news here.
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    Apple has over 13,000 employees, FYI.
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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    so... 13,000 employees x approx. 250sf/employee = 3.25 million sf.
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    Originally posted by BuonRotto

    so... 13,000 employees x approx. 250sf/employee = 3.25 million sf.

    Sq Ft. would be a better abbreviation.
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    tfworldtfworld Posts: 181member
    Ok... Just reread my original title and OOPS!!! I meant is Apple moving some people into Austin.
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    Originally posted by shetline

    I can't see Texas culture and Apple culture being a very comfortable fit.

    I have met quite a few people from Apple, and a heard a similar story about Austin and Steve Jobs. The rumor was that he really didn't like Austin, he had some bad experience here. In fact when the first stores were announced, his Steveness said something about "carefully avoiding Houston and Austin". I was bummed, having grown up in Houston, and now living in Austin to hear this. It seems he's changed his mind as of late though. Just as he differientiates between the U.S. and California, most of us here are quick to point out the differences between Austin culture and Texas culture.

    The rumors are now that an Apple store is finally opening near by, and now Apple is consolidating their presence in Austin. Remember, Austin is a very creative town, and the birthplace of the PowerPC. It's a little absurd to think that Apple will ever move it's corporate HQ here, but Apple has always had a huge Austin presence and apparently want to continue here.
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    ps5533ps5533 Posts: 476member
    now ya see they are etting more and more close to me... 2009 Boston will have a APPLE HQ
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