HD Display for Gaming?

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I love the new HD display, as it finally goes to a nice REALLY high rez.. The problem I am seeing though, is it seems to support no standard resolutions.. The ones apple lists are-





This is great for designers, but what about Gamers? I do not know of any of these resolutions being supported even in Quake 3. Unless you do not run your games at full screen, what will gamers do????


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    wmfwmf Posts: 1,164member
    Obviously they will buy normal monitors.
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    Lol. I do a bunch of web design personally, and also love to play games... I think I may have to buy a Cinema Display instead of the HD display, because of the resolution problem.. I would LOVE to have the higher rez of the HD, but if I am spending that much, I want to be able to play games on it as well. I have looked into CRT's, but I have both limited space, and CRT's often bother my eyes (even at high refresh rates)....
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    applenutapplenut Posts: 5,768member
    1.) Quake 3 has a wide screen preset display option. it's something like 840 X 500 though.

    2.) you can manually set Quake 3 to any screen res through the config file
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